For Parents

  • What is the Iowa Core Curriculum?

    Research shows that high expectations are a critical ingredient in improving student performance and ensuring student success beyond high school. The Iowa Core Curriculum provides a guide to delivering challenging and meaningful content to students that prepares them for success in life.The Iowa Core Curriculum identifies essential concepts and skills for kindergarten through 12th grade in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and 21st century skills. It also includes direction for teachers regarding effective instruction and assessment. It takes learning to a deeper level by moving students beyond superficial knowledge to deep conceptual and procedural knowledge. It also enhances student engagement by emphasizing interesting, robust, and relevant learning experiences.

    What will it offer Iowa students?
    The intent of the Iowa Core Curriculum is to ensure that all Iowa students have access to the challenging and meaningful curriculum that prepares them for success in post-secondary education and the emerging global economy.