High School Industrial Technology

  • Industrial Technology - Content Standards K-12 - Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn CSD

    Graduates that have completed the Industrial Technology courses at Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn School District will:

    Graphic Communications

    1.       Understand and use the basic fundamentals of the graphic communications industry.

    2.       Demonstrate the basic design process.

    3.       Demonstrate the basic techniques for electronic imaging.

    4.       Understand and demonstrate the basic printing techniques.

    Fundamental Drafting

    1.       Understands and uses basic drafting techniques.

    2.       Use computer and peripheral devices to aid in the documentation for design projects.

    3.       Apply technical drawing skills to actu_al projects.


    1.       Understand the basic safety and safety operating procedures necessary for a construction project.

    2.       Understand the basic background knowledge required for entry into the construction industry.

    3.       Understand the basic sequence of procedures necessary for a construction project.

    4.       Understand the processes and activities that must be completed to prepare a site for construction.

    5.       Differentiate among and apply the appropriate methods and processes to various construction materials and their installation.

    6.       Use the appropriate equipment for the particular situation.

    7.       Apply basic electrical techniques.

    8.       Understand the basic mechanical procedures involved in the construction industry.


    1.       Understand and apply the fundamentals of manufacturing.

    2.       Understand and apply manufacturing processes.

    3.       Understand and demonstrate production techniques.

    4.       Understand and demonstrate the use of materials in manufacturing.

    5.       Understand the planning and operation of all aspects of a manufacturing enterprise.


    Power and Energy

    1.       Understand the basic safety and safe operating procedures necessary in the field of technical service.

    2.       Understand the basic operations of the technical service industry.

    3.       Understand and demonstrate the basic concept of DC circuits.

    4.       Understand and demonstrate the basic concepts of AC circuits.

    5.       Understand and demonstrate the applications of the microcomputer.

    6.       Understand and demonstrate basic applications of the microprocessor. 

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