Community Service Requirement


    Consistent with this school district's mission, " . . . We exist primarily for the purpose of developing the intellectual, physical, creative, cultural, CIVIC and SOCIAL (emphasis added) capabilities of our students.  Through our collective efforts, all students should be prepared to participate and meet the challenges of being successful citizens", all students graduating from H-M-S High School must have accumulated a minimum of 40 "service to others" hours as identified below. 

    Policy No. 605.41
    1. Documentation and reporting hours (forms provided by the school) to the school is the responsibility of the parent/student.
    2. Hours must be earned between the end of the eighth grade year and prior to graduation the 12th grade year (summers included).
    3. Community Service hours served as a result of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct will not count toward this requirement.
    4. Community Service hours imposed by and served for a law enforcement/judicial/social         service agency will not count toward this requirement.
    5. Hours served for any type of monetary or other compensation will not count toward this    requirement.
    6. Hours served for members of the immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, grand parent, aunt, uncle, other relative or non-relative living in household) will not count unless there is a special circumstance approved in advance by the high school principal.
    7. Hours served for other students or other friends/acquaintances will not count unless there is a special circumstance approved in advance by the high school principal.
    8. Mere membership in a worthy school or community organization/club/activity does not qualify a student for any "service for others" time.  However, if said organization/club/activity participates in a service project, student members, could claim time equal to that expended by them as a participating member, although this is not necessarily a preferred procedure for earning time.
    9. Students transferring into H-M-S High School will be required to earn points in proportion to the amount of time that they are members of the student body.

    The following listing is intended to help students/parents know what types of activities are acceptable as "service for others."  The listing is not intended to be all-inclusive:  (All service for others must be uncompensated)
    • Delivering Meals On Wheels
    • Ushering for church services
    • Participating in a food/clothing project for charity
    • Volunteering at a hospital
    • Visiting a senior's care center
      • Visiting with residents
      • Helping with recreation program
      • Reading to residents
    • Performing (outside of normal school hours) for residents of a senior care center

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