Welcome to PE!  Or as the kids would say, "We have gym today!"  
    All students in TK-4th grade get to have PE twice in our six day cycle.  Each class time is 40 minutes in length.  This year we also have a third 20 minute gym time that we call JAM Time! (Just Always Move)  This is a time to get the kids in the gym and move for just 20 minutes and get them back to class.  Research shows that kids that are more active tend to do better in the classroom!  So, we are going to try and help in that effort.  Also, I have added an Adaptive PE program for our kids who have physical limitations.  This allows me to spend some 1:1 time doing manipulatives and skill work that fit their needs.
    At HMS Elementary, quality physical education has a definite purpose, has long term goals, and is developmentally appropriate.  There are many individual and group activities that the kids do during the course of the year.  A safe and non-intimidating environment is provided so that students can move and play freely.  In our environment, we never want to hear "I can't do this or I don't want to do this."  We always want to say, "I will try it!"  It is my hope that the students learn how important exercise is to keep their bodies strong and healthy.  I also hope that the students learn how to be good sports and use good sportsmanship both in gym and outside of the gym setting.  Those are two very important aspects of our program!    If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me at the elementary.   
    Below I have listed sites and suggestions for things you can do at home that will keep you active.  Please feel free to try them.  Trying to stay healthy shouldn't happen just in school.  It should happen anytime!! 
    www.youtube.com. (once you get there you can search for GoNoodle videos, exercise activities, etc)
    www.mommypoppins.com(25 exercise games and indoor activities to get kids moving!)
    www.pecentral.org (when at this site, search "videos" and there you can choose from dance to fitness videos)
    Other suggestions for you to do are:
    Everytime there is a commericial on TV, get up and move until the commercial is over.
    Talk a walk outside!
    Stretch when you get out of bed in the morning and right before you go to bed at night.
    Create your own game you can play.
    Develop your own exercise/stretches routine.
    If you have stairs in your house, go up and down those stairs 12 times (or more!)
    Ride your bike if the weather is nice.
    Make an obstacle course using pillows, blankets, boxes, toys, etc.

                                                                       My schedule
                 DAY 1                    DAY 2           DAY 3                 DAY 4                 DAY 5             Day 6       
              1C JAM               1A JAM           1B JAM             ADAPTIVE           ADAPTIVE                 ADAPTIVE      
              2B JAM              2A JAM           ADAPTIVE                 ADAPTIVE            ADAPTIVE               ADAPTIVE 
              4B JAM              3A JAM           4A JAM              Adaptive            ADAPTIVE               ADAPTIVE
              ADAPTIVE             ADAPTIVE           ADAPTIVE           ADAPTIVE            ADAPTIVE               ADAPTIVE
              ADAPTIVE             ADAPTIVE           ADAPTIVE            ADAPTIVE            ADAPTIVE               ADAPTIVE
             PREP             PREP           PREP             PREP             PREP                 PREP
              Lunch             Lunch            Lunch             Lunch             Lunch                Lunch
              3A             4A                  4B                 3A                  4A                 4B 
              1A              1B            1C                 1A             1B                 1C
              KA               KB                   TK                   KA                     KB                     TK       
              TK              KA               KB                     TK                KA                 KB      
              2A              2B               PREP                2A             2B                       PREP       




    Janet Prins
    TK-4 Physical/Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
    HMS Community Schools
    Hartley, Iowa  51346