• Welcome to H-M-S!

    The mission of the H-M-S Community School District is to nurture and prepare students to become responsible citizens, equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

    It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the HMS Community School District's website. Those of us who are privileged to be employed by this school district always enjoy the opportunity to have you visit our school sites. It naturally follows that we want you to find this technological site to be a user-friendly place to obtain information and assistance from the central office and each one of our schools.

    The world of education is in a constant state of transformation. Regardless of how education changes, however, for public schools in Iowa, there are cornerstones that remain clear and resolute for HMS students. The operative word in the previous statement is students and is also the benchmark term in the following focus points upon which we base decisions:

    •  Provide a safe school climate for students
    •  Provide quality instruction for students
    •  Provide support for teachers in their work with students
    •  Provide for a positive school/community relationship
    •  Provide quality facilities for students

    Because of these efforts by our board of education, administrators, teachers, parents, and patrons, there are many district-wide success stories which we could share about students. Our greatest success, however, occurs as each student leaves at graduation to go forward with the ability to be a self-directed, lifelong learner, demonstrating self-respect, self-understanding, respect for the view of others, and appreciation of arts and humanities. 

    The level of support that the communities of Hartley, Melvin, Sanborn and May City have always shown for public schools is hardly matched in other districts. We are indeed grateful for the cooperation and support we receive from you, our school patrons.

    Please know that you are welcome at HMS Community Schools at any time, and through this website, we hope to make information more available to the public we serve.