Friday's Fight for Cancer

The Elementary School is having its annual Cancer Awareness Day on Friday, October 28th. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HMS Elementary is also recognizing the other cancers that are affecting millions of people every day. Their motivation for this event is that they want to create awareness for this awful disease. They will be honoring those who have cancer, who won the battle against cancer, and or those who lost the fight against cancer. "We have a couple of staff members who are cancer survivors and we have had three former staff members who lost their fight with cancer," says Prins, the Cancer Event Coordinator, also the Elementary Physical Education teacher.  In order to honor those individuals and to help create awareness for this growing disease, they will be participating in Friday's Fight for Cancer...Compete for a Cure!

This year's donations will go towards Compete for a Cure, a foundation that Adam and his wife, Katie Burns, have established. Adam Burns is an HMS graduate currently battling glioblastoma. All of the money donated will go directly to his foundation, then be distributed to help doctors find a cure for cancer. Monies are also given to families navigating a cancer diagnosis. 

What to look for at the Elementary:

1. Wearing pink on Friday (or any other color that represents a form of cancer)

2. Penny Drive for Adam and Katie’s foundation, Compete for a Cure

3. Cancer Ribbons displayed around the school

4. The potential of a "staff activity" during Friday's assembly. All dependent on if the fish tank from the penny drive is at least half full

5. Balloon Launch on Friday at 2:45. The balloon launch will take place in the south parking lot of the elementary school. Students and staff, along with Adam's mother, will release biodegradable balloons to recognize those who are currently battling, have battled, or have lost the battle with cancer. This event is open to the public.